Monday, January 31, 2011


; smile

the best inspiration comes when you inspired people.

Thanks Ya Allah, for this new heart.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mabuk cinta

I am struggling to finish my second EE..

terror tak?hehe.. I did two which my first EE was rejected after i have sent my final draft..xpe, xpe, sabar..=)

so, untuk menambahkan lagi semangat di jiwa..

i renamed the documents that save my second EE tu..with....something related to Allah.

so when i open the folder or document or microsoft words, it can remind me to Allah..hehe

folder 'EE baru' changed to 'sayasayangAllah'

'front cover EE' changed to 'cukuplah Allah bagiku'

'appendices' changed to 'Redha dan cinta Allah matlamatku'

'table of content' changed to 'Ya Allah, kepadaMu aku memohon kekuatan'

'Full EE' changed to 'Ya Allah, kuatkanlah imanku=)'

pelik? no, this is what we call as 'mabuk cinta'

mabuk dalam tenangnya hidup dengan rasa cinta kepadaNya..

She is a she and always be my 'she'.

She is a she.

and always be my 'she'

and she is my lovely, gorgeous, adorable roommate, sahabat, and a good listener to me.

she is Aimi Diyana, Aimirokis, AimiHebat..

jazakillahhukhairan kasira aimi.

for still ber'lapang dada' with my manje2 and inmature behaviour up till this moment.

and she is now a 20 years-old girl?


may Allah grant u His ultimate blessing to you. and me too.

semoga dengan peningkatan usia ini, pecutan amal semakin hebat, demi mengejar masa suntuk dunia,

semoga terus tsabat dan hebat di jalan ini..

jalan yang diredhaiNya.

for you, my sahabat

i love you to the deepest of my heart.

i love you because of Allah.

like what prophet said,

" Tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu selagi dia tidak mencintai sahabatnya melebihi dirinya sendiri"

ukhuwahfillah ya ukhti, sahabat.

alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah..

a better one

i've just deleted all my old dull, insignificant posts.
This is the new beginning..

the new beginning of the new me. and insyaAllah, a better one.

while i am still be able, and allowed by Him, to breath with normal rate
I wish i would be able to always occupy this lil. heart with magnificent love of Allah and His messenger.

There is nothing more crucial than to gain His bless and love.
and there is nothing more scarier than His wrath to me. nauzubillah.