Monday, March 14, 2011

may the smile on her face remain.

now and forever.
(eh, tipulah, mane bole senyum je)

i mean, if Allah give her any kind of test in the future, she can still handle it or remain her macho face like always.

because she is a strong girl,man!

it scared me to the extent that my hands are all shaking whenever i saw her 'ketat' face.

nothing can be done.i only able to see her passing by my class through the tinted windows.cause i just cant think any further.any logical solution.neither.

i even cried-tak-hengat to my usrahmate because i was just too blur to think rationally.

because things happened in a different way.

like soo opposite.

Tarbiyah Allah itu hebat ye kawan-kawan.

Dia mahu kite settle kan one thing, se'settle-settle nye.

tak settle, tak lepas.

if satu pihak dah setel, but the other pihak tak setel lagi,
ke dua-dua tak setel lagi, yang sorang itu je yang ingat die dah setel?erk?(-__-')
tak kisah la kan.
tapi yang penting..
bitter panadol can always be a delicious finger-licking yummy moist chocolate cake
if we believe, it is Allah who knows the best and He is the best planner ever!!

muchas gracias Ya Allah..


p/s: Alhamdulillah.dia dah okey.saya the way, baru baik dari segala penyakit lalu kena catch up banyak benda.aiyakk!!takpe2, -Allah kan ada-wahhh..

"Dan sungguh. Kami akan benar-benar akan menguji kamu sehingga Kami mengetahui orang-orang yang benar-benar berjihad dan bersabar di antara kamu; dan akan Kami uji perihal kamu."

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